Předvánoční tančírna

Pre-Christmas Organic dancing party - Prague, December 2014

The chamber premises of Studio Nuevo were alternated by the spacious venue of Baračnická Rychta, which many of you visited. Lots of dancers turned it into the right pre Christmas dancing party which is definitelly worth to be repeated. Thanks fot the great experience!

Photographer: Jiří Heller

Organická tančírna - PRAHA, listopad 2014

Organic dancing party - PRAGUE, November 2014

Dancing party is already a kicking event, but the pictures of it we present just now :) We were dancing in Prague in the Sokol Vinohrady, in a big hall, lots of space to move and it was all captured by our Zdeněk :)

Photographer: Zdenek Zrůst



Together with Pavlina Brzáková has Jaroslav Dušek prepared another book. The book is dedicated to his thoughts and ideas which crossed his mind when enduring his stay in darkness.

He asked Ondrej to "blow" the book well at the release party... 

Výroba nových nástrojů v kovárně, Znojmo 2014

Making of new instruments, Tasovice 2014

The best way how to get a satisfying instrument is to make it on your own. And therefore has Ondrej, Bear and Joe met in the furge of the blacksmith David Charvátek in Tasovice near Znojmo and not only new instruments were created but also another part of a film about Ondrej was shot by the british filmmaker Joe.

Photographer: Pavlína Prokůpková

Plzeň, Livingstone 2014

Livingstone club, Pilsen 2014

Electro didgeridoo in the Pilsen's club Livingstone, a dance party of Ondrej Smeykal and the drummer Pavel Plánka.

Photographer: Blanka Křikavová

Výprava 2014 - Znojmo, skála

The Journey 2014 - Znojmo, Bear's gig for friends on the rock

Znojmo traditionally belongs to the main pillars of the whole tour. This year, besides the classical concert, gong therapies and the below mentioned workshop, Znojmo hosted a unique gig for friends who have helped us in Znojmo for the whole time and the event was set up on a magnificent place on the rock above the town.

Photographer: Pavlína Prokůpková

Workshop A. Begay

The Journey 2014 - Workshop of Andrew Begay - making of the navajo flute

Thanks to the special guest of this year's tour, Andrew Begay, the workshop attendants had the oportunity to make their own navajo flute. Andrew was not only teaching the students how to play the flute, he was also telling stories from his own tribe which are associated to both to the flutes and the tribe on its own.

Photographer: Pavlína Prokůpková

Výprava 2014 - Kladruby

The Journey 2014 - Kladruby monastery

The Journey can not miss out the Kladruby monastery.

Photographer: Jiří Heller

Výprava 2014 - Křtiny

The Journey 2014 - Křtiny church

According to what Ondrej said about this gig it was the peak of this year's performing. The cocnert in the cathedral of Křtiny has been carried out within the already international festival "Didgeridoo v jeskyni"

Photographer: Jiří Heller

Vyprava 2014 - Potni chyse

The Journey 2014 - Andrew Begay's sweatlodge, Pacov

At this year's tour, besides many workshops and gong massages, thanks to our special guest Andrew Begay you could also join an antient (american-indian) Navaho ceremony called Sweatlodge. The perfect basecamp for this event was ensured by our beloved Jana Hrušková in Pacov. The participants didn't only sweat, but they also built the whole lodge on their own. From the responses we can say it was an unforgettable weekend.

Photographer: Blanka Křikavová

Výprava 2014 - Lomeček 2

The Journey 2014 - Lomeček

And Lomeček again :)

Photographer: Zdeněk Zrůst

Promo foto Výprava 2014

The Journey 2014 - PROMO FOTO

Where else to take better tour pictures but at Lomeček. And who else should have taken them but the only Zdeněk Zrůst. Thank you.

Photographer: Zdeněk Zrůst

Křest CD Oneness

The Journey 2014 - release party of the new album ONENESS, Vidov

The release of the common album of Ondrej Smeykal and Bear Love has taken place within the concert at the Vápenice quarry near Vidov. The last photo captures the moment of baptism which is carried out by Andrew Begay's breath in cooperation with the second album's godfather Jaroslav Dušek. 


Znojmo - hrani pro tehotne

Andrew Begay played for pregnant women in Znojmo

During the longer stop in Znojmo had Andrew Begay, the special host of this year's The Journey tour, the opportunity to play to pregnant women at the family centre Maceška.

Photographer: Dagmar Entlerová

Výprava 2014 - Pacov

The initial concert of The JOURNEY tour 2014 at the festival Pacovsky polednik

NThe Sunday part of the festival was devoted to the The Journey ensemble. The visitors could attend the lecture of Andrew Begay, a Navajo indian, and also have a look on his traditional flutes collection with whose he joined this year's tour as a special guest. One more musician enriched the trio for that evening - the percussionist Pavel Plánka.
Photographer: Křikavovi spouses