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Dobrý den, pane Smeykale, účastnil jsem se akce u Konstantinových Lázní. Mimo to, že jsme byli s manželkou zcela nadšeni a velmi potěšeni, pořád mi v hlavě vyvstávají jména vašich stanů. Je to Tristan a Izolda.
Tak i takový dopad má na mě vaše hudba.

Miroslav Hybeš 29.7.2019 14:52

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KennethSap 28.7.2019 18:58

Good afternoon, My name is Vanessa Hope van Engelen and I am a charity coordinator for International Women´s Contact Utrecht. A community of near 200 members living in Utrecht who are from somewhere else. I am organising an event on Sunday, June 30 from 2 pm till 5 pm. All funds from this event will be given to several charity foundations.

Being Australian, I would absolutely love to hear a didgeridoo and you were highly recommended to me. Is this a possibility for you?

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon :)
Vanessa Hope van Engelen

Vanessa Hope van Engelen 19.5.2019 13:46

dobrý den,
tel.č. do chýše ve Vraclavi hlásí že neexistuje, nevím jak kontaktovat pro rezervaci, či již není plno..

Aramis Hynek 30.4.2019 08:14

Dear Ondrej,
You know me, I m Harald from Germany
Years ago we Met another. we had someone Workshops together in Esslingen at Dogida.
I Need your CD Recording Rainbow Road. But I can‘t geht it. it is sold out.
Do you have an exemplar for me? I Hope so!
Your Musical Friend Harald from Germany. Plese answer me.
Thanks for your great Music.

Harald Elser 23.3.2019 01:10

Hi Ondřej,
I`m teaching inter alia consciously moving. A lot of People asked me how they can practice the movement I shown them at home, so I made some movies. In one of them I gone back on one of your songs. You can see the movie on my webside: ist the movie called "Kosmogramme Teil III.
My question to you: Is this ok for you? When not, tell it me please and I will Chose another song.
And at last, did you already make some experience like this? If you want to try, I would be pleased to hear from you.
Best regards from Austria,
Michael Forster

Michael Forster 28.2.2019 08:18