March 23rd 2022


Hello all... 

During covid restrictions, my cultural activities were a bit quiet... as you can see from number of postings...
Mainly, I very enjoyed more personal time and as well, more time to go into deeper didgeridoo practicing, composing, and preparing number of new visual art projects, including book illustrations.Some of them will be displayed on my website (in Czech version) at Gallery of Prints, so you can as well buy it, printed on very fine pure cotton paper.
Unstable international traveling and cultural cooperating moved my work more towards Czech cultural scene, and resulted in many new great possibilities, mainly at theatre and as well, in helping people solving post-covid-breathing problems with learning didgeridoo playing.

Very soon i am planning to give birth to my new CD.
24th of May, in Prague, will be releasing CD evening, concert. New songs had been recorded during past two years. Most of them are solo didgeridoo compositions, and some of them include my gong soundscapes. I feel that album truly speaks about me... inspired by daily ordinary miraculous life...

Recently I am working at new project, another CD, with musician and painter, Czech artist Petr Nikl. Our project: Líheň is based usually on my music and Peters visual art.
Now we decided to play both. I am using my electrodidgeridoo experimental pedalboard and Petr is playing on his experimental acoustic sound sculptures- installations. We both looking for unusual sound quality and balance abstract soundscapes vs composed songs. It is fun.

Looking forward to be again pat of my beloved didgeridoo festivals, and see all friends hopefully soon...


February 23rd 2021


Greetings from early spring 2021... 

Finaly I decided to run classes and one to one workshops via internet.
Anybody who is interested to get privat lesson or manage group for having masterclass, can start to contact me through webpage...

I am wishing good time to all of us.
Looking forward to share my experience.


November 5th 2020

Tangaroa Blue Foundation

Small help from us but big effort to help nature in Australia..

Here is short report from Australia, proving that our donation was successfully used..
This year a donation of $ 670 AUD was sent to support the project for collecting marine debris by the local Aboriginal team Dhimurru Rangers and school students of Nhulunbuy in (East) Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory.

The message from the director of Tangaroa Blue Foundation Heidi Tait:
We did the community at Nhulunbuy in the Northern Territory in the middle of September and worked with the Rangers and school students on a local beach clean-up audit. In total 1 tonne of marine debris was removed from their local beaches and all of this was documented in the AMDI Database. Thank you for supporting this event as well. 
Thank you all, who participated...

Ondrej Smeykal


   Tangaroa Blue Foundation Tangaroa Blue Foundation

June 30th 2020

Black and Red

New record featuring Ondrej Smeykal & Jaz Coleman - BLACK & RED

More than a decade has passed since Ondrej & Jaz began working together back in 2009 and now, finally, a product of this much anticipated collaboration has come to fruition in the form of a vinyl and download.

The project in its entirety is only just beginning to blossom but what we have now is a single ON THE DAY WHEN EARTH WENT MAD. The upcoming album will be a reflection of the current world situation. It is an urgent message. Its musical form is comprised of very simple musical instruments. Wooden clap sticks, voice, Indiam harmonium and Didgeridoo with added effects. In the hands or rather mouth of Ondrej Smeykal, the Didgeridoo takes on a percussive role or that of a seriously distorted electric guitar. The result of this world music/punk ensemble is a testament to this day and age. It is mixture of raw, punchy sounds ranging from ambient to dance & heavy metal.

Video -
Vinyl -
Digital -
News -


June 5th 2020

Black and Red

Jaz Coleman/Ondrej Smeykal - New project Black & Red

Release debut single/vinyl/video ‘On The Day The Earth Went Mad.’

Vinyl Presale 5th June / Release date 26th June 2020

Teaser - On the Day the Earth Went Mad

Jaz Coleman proudly announces his new project Black & Red, a collaboration with Ondrej Smeykal. On Friday 26th June. Black & Red release their debut single ‘On The Day The Earth Went Mad’ across all digital platforms and as a limited edition numbered red vinyl 10” via Cadiz Music.

"The Black and Red project was born in Australia in 2010 when I set out to find the greatest virtuoso of the didgeridoo only to find the maestro of the instrument resided in Prague where I lived. Upon my return to Czech Rep, I was introduced to Ondrej Smeykal. We ended up not just developing an ancient instrument but recording the Black and Red project (adding only Indian Harmonium) and an explosive duo was formed which could recreate the recording live perfectly. The funny thing is Black and Red only made sense after lockdown” explains the prophetic Jaz Coleman.

Jaz Coleman began this project with a single challenge, “to create and develop a new therapeutic musical system whose primary function was healing. The project was called the Dodecahedron as a dual tribute to the Russian scientists Morasov and Makarow who began to examine the globe to see if any pattern should emerge linking significant places in history.....” To read Jaz Coleman’s explanation in full go to:

To pre-order the new vinyl single alongside exclusive merchandise go to Jaz Coleman’s new official website: 


Black and Red   Black and Red

October 22nd 2019

World music nights

14. a 15.12. Invitation to pre pre-solstice concert, news about guests... 

With autumn well under way, allow me to invite you to my pre-solstice, Christmas concert featuring didgeridoo, gongs & various musical friends. Once again I will be looking forward to this gathering in the centre of Prague but this time in a new location, that being the historical hall of Novomestska radnice. This years event will feature a number of surprises... 

I have prepared 2 separate concerts, each featuring different guest musicians.   

Also, there will be a didgeridoo market on the eve of Sundays concert, where Czech didgeridoo makers will be showcasing their instruments giving you the opportunity to learn more about their craftsmanship and perhaps inspiring you to walk away with a Christmas present.   

Velký sál Novoměstská radniceUnlike previous Christmas concerts where we had to vacate the premises as soon as the show finished, this years venue (Novoměstská radnice) will allow us to meet & greet afterwards and hang out for a little while. This will also give everyone a chance to view the photographs of Blanka Krikavova who will be exhibiting her collection of photographs from her expedition to Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia. You may recognise some of her picture from her calendar. Blanka captured thousands of shots on this expedition so I am curious to see which ones she will choose to display at this event. 

In terms of guest musicians I can let you in on two of them at this stage... 

The first guest for Saturdays concert is my friend Mikolas Belik, the renaissance man, who will endow you with the ambient sounds of his tuned, glass chalices. Sundays first guest will be Milos Vacik, the renowned, multi talented musician & artist whom you may know from projects such as Sum Svistu. On this occasion, Milos will not be banging away with his typical samba rhythms but instead will accompany the didgeridoo with more gentle, melodic & rhythmical instruments. 

Among other surprises that I have in stall, you can look forward to another my drawing in form of lithographic print as a gift for each participant at the end of the concert.  

Ticket sales are now open. Presale here:

July 12th 2019


The only show in Czech! First time will Yolngu songs vibrate in our land...

12.7. 21.00h - Bolfanek, (Klatovy direction, Southwest CZ)  Larry Jason

We warmly welcome all!!!

An Evenig performance will be at natural amphitheater under watch tower Bolfanek. Poetic and well taken care locality at south west CZ...

400 CZK at place, 330 CZK presale here:

Larry Gurruwiwi and Malawurr

Larry Gurruwiwi with his brothers Vernon and Jason, form the Malawurr band from North East Arnhem Land, Australia. Together they perform ancient Galpu clan songlines (Manikay) and dance ceremonies (Bunggul) carrying thousands of years of stories, tradition and vital knowledge that is deeply connected to the sacred land they live on. “Malawurr” is another name for the Galpu clan family.

Larry is a master Yidaki player and a new custodian of the instrument, his father Djalu is internationally renowned as “Mr Didjeridoo”. For decades Djalu has travelled the world sharing his music to strengthen the culture not just for the “Balanda” (non aboriginal people) but also to inspire new generations of Yolngu at home in Arnhem Land so they can see how the wider world reveres their sound and the crucial
knowledge it carries.  Jason

Larry and his brothers have performed together since childhood, inspired by Djalu and many generations of ancestors who have passed down the songlines, they are now responsible to share the traditions with future generations.

Larry says;
“Djalu is my father and he’s the Yidaki master, he always shares the culture with tourists. Now it’s my turn, I’m gonna go to the world.”

Vernon is also a masterful Yidaki player and dancer, whilst Jason Gurruwiwi is one of the most powerful and sought after songline vocalists in all of Arnhem Land.
Together the 3 brothers are carrying the world’s oldest musical legacy of Yolngu Songlines to the world, sharing their culture whilst keeping it strong at home.

Discover more about Larry Gurruwiwi & Malawurr:
Instagram: @larrygurruwiwi_and_malawurr

4th October 2018

Betlémská 2018

Here is small, but warm invitation to my favorite concert place of this year ...

21. of December, at day of winter solstice, you are welcome to Betlem Chapel, at Prague. This time, every year , I organize concert for all friends to celebrate and enjoy special time.
Time when year is closing down its darkest season and new cycle of Earth is coming up, closer to spring and lighter days...

Every year I try to make some small surprice for audience. Unexpected guests, or some of my hand made prints as gift. This year, one of specials, will be exhibition of my new crystal glass didgeridoo, which will be then beneficially sold and money will be given to aboriginal family.

Concert place is really one of my favorite. It´s natural reverb and musicality, is very inspirational. As well, history of place and Genius loci is something, which makes this evening for me and as well for audience concert place of year..

So, once again you are all very welcome to come together and listen...


10 June 2018


Summer is here, almost like in Australia...

Among all other creativity here is what we working on right now...

For this hot season we are preparing special tour - Vyprava 2018 / Journey 2018
I Ondrej Smeykal - didgeridoo
Andrew Begay - Navaho Flute player
British gong player Blove and his world largest symphonic gong - 220cm
and Aboriginal musician, singer and storyteller from Australia - Rachel Shield

This culturaly unique blend of traditions will be offering roughly month of touring, plus interesting workshops, which I will upload soon... but here is some concert we can slowly start announcing already.
Time and address will be uploaded later as well:

16.8. Sázava Monastery
17.8. Ostrov nad Ohří - Monastery
18.8. Nebílovy Castle (Pilsen area)
19.8. Pacov - open air setup in natural city park behind Pacov Castle
21.8. Vidov, open air setup close by river...
22.8. Rosice Castle (Brno area)
23.8. Fulnek, Monastery church of Saint Joseph (direction Ostrava)
25.8. Zdoňov open air setup close to Polish border in beautiful nature of Adršpach
28.8. Znojmo concert for senior home in Šanov (Southern Moravia)
29.8. Znojmo, Church of Saint Michal (Southern Moravia)

B Love will as well offer in first week of september his Big golden gong sound therapy
We will later upload contacts and places...
Andrew Begay will have workshops of creating under his supervision your own Navaho flute
plus there will be oportunity experience of Navaho Sweat lodge ceremony ...
We will later upload contacts and places...

11.9. Litomyšl - this will be concert in beautiful historical baroque city...
12.9. Panenský týnec - ruins of monastery on very strong geomagnetic Earth line (nearby Praha, direction Karlovy Vary)
13.9. Kladruby Monastery unique acoustic!!! (Direction Rozvadov, nearby Highway from Pilsen)
14.9. Praha Dlabačov Cinema... Last gig of tourne in Prague cinema with rich culutral background and surprisingly nice concert acoustic...

Looking forward to enjoy as well all other gigs in this upcoming exiting concert season!

1 May 2018

Hello Friends....

A few years took me to put a bit my web page back in shape...

Being touring a lot in these years, and being announcing actual gigs more thru fb, caused slowing down movements at EN website..soon I will place at EN section as well EN translation of all gigs activities even local ones...

Last years I had been much more active at supporting my local art scene, working with national opera house, theaters, supporting small local festivals and local artists...

I think it has something to do with age. Slowly you realise, you wish to belong to some place and some community.
(I dont mean fb, I mean REAL friendship, which last as well when battery of you laptop go off..)
And this aspect became more intense as well in meaning that you want CONTRIBUTE to your home area..

My CZ page is all the time more than twice active but as well I feel to be again able to nourish with few stories my intnl friends who I miss a lot, and I see them all less then previously...

So I am sending greetings to all of You in didge circles in Usa, around Oregon didg area, but as well L.A. didge nation...Missing Melbourne didg crowd, Freemantle...
I am looking forward to go this summer to France and other places, wishing in future visit and play to all again..

This spring time I would like to invite all sound enthusiasts on our gigs in Wales UK, and as well on my intnl. workhop in Wales!!!!! - 3days retreat with accommodation and great chefcook where we every year in group about 10, go deeper in study of wonderfull instrument didgeridoo.

Tour - Our tour with project Rainbow Road - world largest symphonic gong (220cm!!!) and Navaho flutes together with didges... Acoustic evenings in Wales.. what a blessing to have such a chance.. I am really looking forward!!

This setup will be later this year 2018 as well touring in Central Europe - august and september 2018 with special guest from Australia - aboriginal artist Rachel Shield. If you like acoustic evenings at special ancient sites, dont miss it. Czech name of this tour is Vyprava 2018 and it will be covering most beautiful ancient places..

In June, there is newborn French didge festival!! Nomadidge.
If you like didg music and maybe you are open to do some learning as well, here is invitation to come and enjoy! It is second of three chances do get some clasess with me and experience together didg vibrations.

Third place I will teach and play this summer out of Czech country is gathering - Australienwochenende, Eisenbach, Germany.
Lovely community and great place, where you can meet many didge friends and legends of European didge history... (yes yes, we are all aging...)

In July I am visiting aboriginal community in Arnhem Land with special intention, I will write about later... but what I can say now - some rare instruments will be available form my collection in July.

...and there is a lot of more to write about...
I promise give you soon next part...

8 January 2015

Předvánoční tančírna

And again we are heading towards the light....

Thanks to all of you who came to celebrate the Solstice with us.
Unill the last moment I had more or less reckoned you won't have the time...

How pleasant is to be wrong sometimes!

The board of Baračnicka Rychta was full. Amazing! I am sure several of you had taken a video of the concert. If you are convinced the material is worth to be presented, just let us know...

The organic dance party is going to roll on again! Ideally every month...

Thanks to all, who had helped to make things move in the last year. I am sure you have enjoyed the end of the year and I am wishing you all the best in the New one....

And what is new in 2015?

We are preparing an opera L2, bit by bit I am discovering the possibilities of didgeridoo in the world of classical music...

The audiobook "Dědeček OGE" (Grandpa OGE) has been successfully finished (you will get to know more about it by the Eminent publishing house soon, or from the author Pavlína Brzáková)

We are ENJOYING the Organic dance parties with Pavel! If you have an idea where to make another party, do not hesitate to contact us!!! (Now, according to your feedback, we are preparing gigs in Znojmo, Rožnov and Břeclav)

The next expedition to Australia is being prepared. If there is anyone who would love to have an eucalyptus didgeridoo, let me know and we can discuss the possibilities....

Ondrej Smeykal

29 August 2014


New album "ONENESS"

New album "ONENESS"
Finally here...

A fifty minute long dive into the depthsof the giant gongs of Bear Love and the didgeridoos of Ondrej Smeykal.

The birth of this album was particulary tense...
After the one month long tour through the czech lands we had planned the recording in the chapel of the Lipnice castle. Almost at the spot we found out that our biggest instrument won't fit in the door.

And so the recording moved into the baroque chapel of Pacov.

The visuals of the CD are made of my own drawings which were influenced by the new record.

The album was baptised by Jaroslav Dušek in the Vidov quarry.

The CD is currently going to be offered only at the concerts within The Journey 2014 tour. After the tour the album will be available for an online purchase. You can already PREORDER it NOW in the ESHOP. 

7 July 2014

Výprava 2013 - Pacov

Individual gong sessions with "The Journey" tour members 2014

The Journey tour is slowly approaching the Czech republic...
Our extensive pilgrimage is going to have a few longer stops on a several places at which we are going to offer the individual gong sessions.

On a bed or standing up, you will have the chance to let the vibrations of the instruments to enter your whole body. A 50 minute long session is devoted for individuals or, after a phone agreement, small groups who are interested in a deep dive into a the giant gong's and didgeridoo's sound stream.

You are warmly welcome.

At these particular locations it is possible to book the session:

21-23/8 baroque chapel Pacov
contact: Jana Hrušková 608 302 065

8/9 and 9/9 the church of St. Michal, Znojmo
contact: Edita Hornová 739 991 828

24 April 2014

Bruce Rogers

... back in Europe

In the memory, there seems like no difference between the original idea to go to Australia and the remembrance, that it already a colorful dream....

...but certainly with plenty of rich moments. For example the musical encounter with Martin Atkins, another australian didgeridoo scene's bard. Mark truely belongs to the first wave of aboriginal artists who started to experiment with didgeridoo. He can take pride in playing together with the legendary Led Zeppelin as a didgeridoo player (many musician can not say this about themselves)

I spent the last days in the company of Bruce Rogers. The southaustralian artist who engages himself both with playing and instruments production. Bruce is an envrinomentalist, he tries his activities to have the smallest impact on the environment as possible.

He's been devoted to the instruments production for many years, he is best known for using only hand "non electronic" tools to create a didgeridoo. He is very precise.

Bruce is going to attend this year's "Didgeridoo v jeskyni" (Didgeridoo in cave) festival where he is also going to lecture his own workshop. There you can create your own didgeridoo. Bruce is going to bring mature, bite-out eucalyptus trunks, which, lead by himself, you can turn into an instrument.

I have seen Bruce's instruments on many places and I have to say he has sigificantly developed. Mainly within more and more precise choice of quality, evenly bite-out eucalyptus trunks which is the crucial step in eucalyptus didgeridoo. Such material can be turned into a concert instrument.

And that you'll be able to consider for yourselves.
Those ones of you who would like to experience it and would like to have their own self made instrument from termites bite-out eucalyptus will get one from Bruce who will pre-choose it for each one of you. I will update the info about the workhop later. There is definitely something to look forward to in this year's "Didgeridoo v jeskyni" festival.

12 March 2014

Sváteční pop Ondřejovo

Before the departure to Australia...

Thanks to everyone who attended the Sunday's night dancing party. The venue was new to everyone. I liked it that much that after more than 3 hours playing set I decided to stay over night :)
It was that dancing whirl which we created, it had puled pleasantly until late night.

At the end of the show we agreed it would have been nice to realize something simillar outside, and maybe for the whole night. To play, and let the didgeridoo breath flow. For sure we are going to do that.

The last winter weeks have also been filled with recording. Svatecni pop band has finally prepared the new material in studio, the song are truely tributary to the band's name. We have entered various genre corners, from greek folk songs to dark Carpathians, french chanson or sunny Carribean, into the heart of ambient or electronic pop world. .... well, who will listen to the album until the very end with a taste has got my compliment.

Very different was the studio work for the dance school of Petr Čadek on setting the story of Maugli into music. Working together with Martin Kumžák and Pavel Plánka there emerged unusually communicative cooperation. It is not common, especially when working on a certain assignment. But then it really worked out. During the recording I have turned into tiger, elephant, parrot, monkey or bear...

Before my departure to Australia I would like to invite you to the Visita play with Jaroslav Dušek in the Archa theatre. Jaroslav will just return from Australia and I will setting off there.

Coming soon:
The Journey 2014 (Výprava 2014) with Bear Love and his giant golden gong is coming. If there is someone who knows about an acoustically interesting place to where he would like to invite us, please, let us know, the venues are being arrange right now...
This year we are inviting a very special guest. Flute player and an indian flutes makes Andrew Begay, a northamerican indian from the Navaho tribe.
He will also teach us to play flute, we will organize a workshop and the attendants will be able to create their own flute...

1 January 2014


Wishing you all a good set off to 2014!

And we go on.
Thanks for the support to all of you who came to Bethlehem Chapel.
At the end of the year we have danced together at the new Organic Dancing Party and together with the painter Habl we tried a new evening dedicated to live painting. Now I'm preparing for the common winter workshops, but also for the recordings the with drummer Pavel Planka, it will be entirely rhythmical ride. Also the recording with Bear Love and his giant gong is going to be completed and christen it at the next "Výprava" 2014 this summer. We are finishing a presentation of the new solo cd, it will be also available in our eshop. The forthcoming February Tea Chiming dates fills beautifully, the tea of Jiří Melzer usually keeps me afloat all winter... I look forward to relishing it together .... Enjoy the winter.

17 December 2013


One flew over the Advent

The date of the concert in the Bethlehem chapel is getting closer and I am getting busy with the production of the new album. You know it, the best motivation is the upcoming deadline.

After a very long time I've enjoyed the rampage of Svatecni Pop an Archa theatre. It is a feast for me, I enjoy the connection of music with the visual and move. Unfortunatelly, I lack both in my solo performance. Mostly I only close my eyes, breathe in and play....

Another very charged event was featuring Gary Lucas' concert. /Also release on the CD Ghosts of Prague/
Gary Lucas is a real bard. When I was listening to his sonic balads during the rehearsals and concert, whether they were accoustic or electric guitar riffs which he played solo or previously with Cpt. Beefheart or Jeff Buckley, I had a feeling that I heard and melt into the whole musical era, crystalized in the form of a hat topped charismatic figure chasing after the strings...

A practival invitation for those ones who wanted to come to the new album's release party in the Bethlehem chappel but haven't been successful due to the sold out capacity...

I've prepared the first night of the organic dancing party for the 28th December. Together with the drummer Pavel Planka we are going to, as we like it, improvize and rhytmically sail through our rhythm waters...
Friends have asked us to regularly preform really dynamic, organic dancing eves, on a cosy, smoking-free places, without bars, where you could dance barefoot for at least 2 or 3 hours...
And so we begin.
28 Dec - Organic dancing Party. Come to dance.

27 Dec we are prapring another interesting encounter with the visual seizing of my performances. It's called Revealing.

But there will come a separate text about this event...

Looking forward!

9 December 2013

Tony caje - lebka

Tea chiming

For the friends of ambient music and the lovers of excellent tea I am offering how to combine both.

Together with a longtime friend and a tea expert Jiri Melzer /DE we welcome you to the tea tasting, which I will accompany by playing didgeridoo and other bronze resonance instruments..

Jiri Melzer, besides the standard tea production, deals with very fine and selected tea, and whether it is oolong, green or black tea, his offer belongs to the best quality one I have ever tasted /and some tea of his selection already accompanies me on my travels.../.

One of his specialities is eg. pu erh, tea from a five hundred (an more!) years old primeval forest trees.

Musical tea evening is intended for max. 15 people, to enjoy the evening and so everyone is able to ask questions. (Of course, the tea will be available for purchase).

During the evening we are going to taste circa 4 - 5 exceptional teas, to each one of them an ambient music will be played. I look forward to the common tea dive!

The dates and places will be announced soon!
1st date: Sunday 23 February, 2014, Dajana centre, Prague

7 November 2013

Betlémská kaple uvnitř

Several news...

... I attach here for everyone an electronic invitation and a poster for the release party of the new album and the pre-christmas concert for being spread..
I've been to the chappel again today. To look around, sit. It is quite majestic... It is nicely warm inside and the chairs don't SQUEAK...
I already look forward to enjoy the chappel with you.

There is a new course in the EDUCATION section. If there is anyone who would welcome a gift version of the coupon for the workshop which could be given as a present, let me know...
(I am also up to prepare a workshop for advanced students, but I still can't find a suitable date)

I have played at the release party of the new Augustina Mosca album in Paris. It is a lovely album devoted to the sea...(an inspirational theme). It was an intimate and immersive concert. Keep it up, Agu. Her CD is available on her website. Recommended.

Before setting off to Rotterdam I work on the new CD cover. Having a reason to create some product these days, one must feel the whole thing has got some inner power. (So in between all the online shopping and mp3s, people have a reason to notice this product...) It is an interesting process. I hope the cover will please you...

21 October 2013

Betlémská kaple uvnitř

Pre Christmas concert and a new album release 2013

Dear friends and didgeridoo fans, I would like to invite you to a very special evening on the 20th December 2013.
Within the almost traditional pre-Christmas concert I will release my new solo album. I cordially invite you all to this event.

As always, I would like to welcome you in a beautiful new space. Now it is the Bethlehem Chapel on the Betlémské náměstí, Prague 1. The new album's godfather will be Jaroslav Dušek. As a special guest there will perform a songwriter and the lady of the czech guitar experiment Dáša Andrtová Voňková. Other guest are kept in secret for now.

Another part of the concert will be exhibited instruments and artwork of Bořek Šípek, czech designer and architect. We have created several wonderful instruments together which will beautify the chapel and amend the evening by a visual experience.

The concert is going to start at 20:12 (how else?), to the ticket will also belong the new album. The advance booking is available on the internet, U Džoudyho bookstore and also on the spot. (Ticket price: presale - 420 CZK, on the spot - 480 CZK)

You can order the tickets here: jiri(at)

I look forward to the common evening!

19 October 2013

Didgeridoo na prodej

Didgeridoo for sale

I've owned these instruments already for several years, they belong mostly to the early time period, some of them we used in the band Wooden Toys.

The stock of instruments has expanded again, therefore I decided to part with some of them. They are no bad... their

advantage is that they have been played for years and therefore they have shown all of their "bugs" regarding the wood bending by getting wet while being played.
They are bloodwood and stringybark eucalyptus from the 1997-1998, the Djalu yidaki come from 2006.

I would recommend these instruments to those, who want to enrich their collection by an instrument made by eucalyptus, to enrich their sound register, or to those who look for a nice personal instrument.

Each one of these instrument is specific.

To test the instrument I would like to arrange a meeting with all the serious applicants.
The price oscilates between 360 and 250 EUR.
Tuning: (E, G sharp, C sharp) - must be tested, each player has his own mouth press by which the tone pitch changes

Photos of 4 instruments for sale

Contact: hornova.e(at)

8 October 2013

Výprava 2013 - Pacov

The recording of a new solo album is interpaced by several interesting stories

One of them has already passed, it was a meeting with Clemens Kuby, a common performance with Jaroslav Dušek and Kuby within his lecture in the Ostrava's cultural centre "Cooltour".

The meeting was a success. One of its purposes was also to prepare an opera, which I will musically participate on. The opera is being written on Clemens' book "Unterwegs in die nächste Dimension". I recommend to read this book, in places its not very fast reading, but the experience the book invokes is very rich. Bear LOVE will be also participating musically. I like a lot his work with gongs and he fits in to the Clemens' story very well...

The next interesting story is a concert at an opening of Tony Cragg's exhibition in Zoya gallery in Slovakia. This artist belong to my favorite sculptors and it is an honour to perform at his exhibition.

I would also like to use this website to a small call. Next year the Yýprava tour will grow up by a few guests and so the concert duration is going to expand. Into our programme I would love to include some lovely person which would like to serve a small refreshment to the audience during the whole tour. I look for someone imaginative and absolutely individual. My idea is a small, not expensive refreshment, which would nutritively enrich our few hours long programme. The condition is that the person is able to pass the whole one month long tour.

The next Vyprava tour will begin from the mid August to the mid September.

I look forward to your offers and possible personal appointments.

1 October 2013

Výprava 2013 - Pacov

Autumn in the spirit of the new Didgeridoo Solo IV album

Vyprava finished by two-day long recording in the Pacov chappel. (Our friend Zdenek Zrust documented us. Before we set our mics up he took few pictures.. Thank you Zdenek for your great job..)
The record will come up next year on the Výprava 2014 tour where it will be solemnly released. Look foreward...

Thanks also on behalf of Bear to everyone who helped us with the tour.
For the next year we will welcome on board our friend Andrew Begay, Indian of Navaho tribe, flute player and an indian stories teller. A lovely person who will join us to wander our country. We already know there will be 10 more stops...

We also thank to everyone who helped to prepare the Vypustek cave and were patient with the postponed start of the concert.

Bear returns to England but obviously it is not a happy return, Czech Republic has become his second home.

To me, October is a month of recording. Finally, I am going to finish my soo album which I have been preparing for the last two years. It is devoted to accoustic didgeridoo but also to electrodidgeridoo. My electronic experimental performance divides the audience to opponents and supporters.. I hope the new album will persuade everyone that even the electronically conceived didgeridoo can be another very live genre platform.

Together with the drummer Pavel Plánka we will set off to club concerts, we are also preparing to release a common album, partly recorded live during our gigs. I already invite you all fans of the organic dance music...

3 September 2013

Kaple Pacov

Gong therapy for the second time

Výprava Tour is running.

Thanks to all who have already enjoyed the previous events with us and I invite all the others to the following concerts. In those places which allow us to do so, Bear Love offers individual gong massages. I have joined them for several times and I have to say it is a very deep sound dive into the self.

Because of the big interest, or to say, because of the sold out number of therapies the Pacov chappel managers met our wishes and we found another 3 days during which you can order another individual gong massage.

Gong therapy Pacov 2013
Gong therapy Pacov 2013
Gong therapy Pacov 2013

A single therapy lasts for 50 minutes. Bear chimes all the instruments from his collection just right at your body.

We would love to welcome you in those 3 days:
9th - 11th September, again in the beautiful accoustics of the Pacov baroque chappel
9th September: 12am - 9pm
10th September: 9am - 9pm
11th September: 9am - 9pm

Bookings and all other information gives Jana Hruskova:
Phone no.: 608302065

Cordially invite you

16 August 2013

Ondřej v Lomecku

What happens in August

After days of activities I reach the computer to write a few lines.
Again, many interesting days have passed. Workshop in Lomecek was among them. I thank the students for their commitment, presence of mind and endurance. I look forward to what will sprout from the sown...
Certainly many good photos were taken.

During the workshop evening gig was a record taken, which will be processed for the selection of the best. I look forward to it, another way to work with didgeridoo.

Besids my own recording I joined the creation of a new Petr Nikl's record. The project is still very young, individual compositions are being created, sounding magic and lyrical again. The music doesn't hurry and mingles many non-trivial elements, from African instruments through didgeridoo to eg. avantgarde singing of Laurie Amat, an American artist cooperating with The Residents.

But the main thing is...
The Vyprava tour is approaching. All are warmly welcome for its stops in places truely unique. Besides the evening performances, there is still the oportunity to book a group or an individual therapy with the giant gong.
There is a lot to look froward to.

19 July 2013

Bear a Ondrej 2012 (na Vyšehradě) 

 Invitation for the VÝPRAVA 2013 tour, the gong massage of Bear Love and Ondřej Smeykal

 -> Video invitation <-

In advance, I would love to invite you all to the Výprava 2013 tour in September, a series of performances with the London based gong player Bear Love.

We are heading to chappels, churches or caves again, we have prepared a series of wonderful evenings all around the beautiful outdoor and indoor places, places which can often to be called gems. Besides gongs and didgeridoo we are going to introduce new orphic bronze instruments, be surprised.

There are going to be two performances in Prague. Both are going to take place in a lovely premisses of a concert hall Hlahol. The room has got a warm wooden floor and will offer to those who are willing to bring a sleeping pad, pillow or a duvet very pleasant sound bath.

Of course, the chairs are at your disposal. During these events I really recommend to equip yourself with yout own pillow, sleeping pad, blanket, sleeping bag, and come to enjoy the listening truely by your style. It's a different dimension.

At some places Bear will even offer an individual massage session by a giant golden gong. Who tried the last year knows what I am talking about. The gong is really big with a diameter of 2,2 meters and is the largest of its kind in Europe. It's sound has really massage strength.

This is specifically taking place in Znojmo, where are all the available dates for individual massages sold out, but you can still contact us and enjoy the 40 minutes long gong massage in Pacov where is going to be the gong available for these purposes from 26th to 28th August.
Contact: hornova.e(at)

For all those who are involved in the preparation of the tour I greet you and look forward to meeting you.

Ondřej Smeykal

Video - Výprava 2012 - Didgeridoo in cave

Photos from the 2012 performance at Vyšehrad

12 July 2013

Ondrej a Jaz u Fausta

Black & Red

First half of June has been, besides a few gigs, majorly about the new mix od the BLACK & RED CD.

Jaz Coleman added a few more lyrics - surprisingly he sings a lot on the CD. He admited he didn't plan it at all, but the music themes inspired him to compose more texts. And I really acknowlege it.
If there is something what pushes and subdues the didgeridoo sound, it is the human voice. Therefore the project gains unexpectedly specific song shape.

I am enjoying the beauties of the czech countryside now... intimate accoustic concerts all around the Czech Republic... I am looking forward to see you at some of them...

Besides, we are all in preparing the concerts with Bear Love and his giant gongs. Wonderful places again, Kladruby, Pacov, Kutná Hora... the list would be too long...

Didgeridoo festival are approaching, one of my favourites in the French Airvault. This time I am attending with a drummer to perform our electronic version.

...have a beautiful summer!

7 June 2013

Ondrej a Bear na Vyšehradě 2012

Summer solo tour and the JOURNEY (VÝPRAVA) again!

After a while there is the time to write a few lines again...
In between concerts in London and Bern I have managed to stop in Prague for two lovely events and now I am on the road again...

Besides the only one summer workshop in Czech republic, where I would love to invite you (a beautifully cultivated space - a flooded quarry), we are arranging summer solo concerts at many outstanding places of our country.. There are so many wonderful chappels, halls, caves, gardens... each one of them has its own sound, each one of those places teaches me something new...

For these acoustic concerts I have prepared new bronze accompanying instruments, which are developed and improved by me and few other artists..I am not going to reveal more so you have something to look foreward to.
I have been very impressed by metal instruments in my solo playing. Metal is an element whose sound complements what I've always lacked in the sound of wood. High fequencies. They beautifully complement with the sounds of didgeridoo.

Besides playing acoustic I also explore the potential of electronic.. together with percussionist Pavel Planka there is a brand new project rising, focused on dance music. If you're bigger fans of drum sets and electronic didgeridoo, you are warmly invited to our summer concerts.

Another big event which I like to announce is our VÝPRAVA (JOURNEY).

VÝPRAVA means Bear Love from London with his world biggest symphonic gong - 220cm, who is going to tour with me through Czech republic again. We are going to perform at amazing venues, eg. the garden of the renaissance villa Kratochvíle, Pacov baroque chappel, Kladruby monastery, the church of St. Vaclav in Znojmo..

Bear Love has also prepared new instruments, he even had made a rotating stand for his giant gong, so the bronze ogre not only sounds but also rotates and transmits frequency bath evenly around its axis.. incredible thing. Such a huge "Lesley speaker" /a legendary rotary speaker/

Výprava is going to take place in Czech republic from 25th August till 21st September from where it will set off to Belgium and Francie..

Do not miss the sound of the gong.. in some cities there will be the possibility of having a gong massage. Bear Love is going to offer an individual 50 minute massage.

Still, not all the dates are booked. If you are interested to invite the project to your city, please, contact me..

..and that's all..
Summer is just perfect. I am looking forward to you..