czech professional didgeridoo player

A one-man Didgeridoo orchestra is perhaps the best way of describing the extraordinary music of phenomenal Didgeridoo player Ondrej Smeykal. His highly original style of play is the result of a life completely devoted to his instrument. For well over a decade and with ever increasing intensity, Ondrej has been developing and redefining his own unique approach to the Didgeridoo. His predominant use of unusually long Didges and “extensions” of up to 4 metres in length, enable him to play incredibly deep tones and to produce a much wider range of sounds and overtones than are possible on regular didgeridoos. Each composition, or song, as he refers to it, is very different in style, ranging from break-beat and organic Didgeridoo techno, to trance, ambient and anywhere in between.


10th Juny 2018

Summer is here, almost like in Australia...

Among all other creativity here is what we working on right now... For this hot season we are preparing special tour - Vyprava 2018/ Journey 2018... next

1st May 2018

Hello Friends...

A few years took me to put a bit my web page back in shape...
Being touring a lot in these years, and being announcing actual gigs more thru fb, caused slowing down movements at EN website..soon I will place at EN section as well EN translation of all gigs activities even local ones...
Last years I had been much more active at supporting my local art scene, working with national opera house, theaters, supporting small local festivals and local artists... next

25th April 2018

UK tour of our great acoustic project

Sonic journey with world largest symphonic gong, magic navaho flute and
gentle didgeridoo.
Dont miss :-) it !! next

12th March 2018

Didgeridoo Immersion Retreat 2018

Legendary 3 Day Didgeridoo Immersion Retreat 2018, 17th May - 20th May
Staying at the beautiful Penquoit Centre, Pembrokeshire next

23rd January 2018


New solo CD of Ondřej Smeykal is here, after 4 years Ondrej felt ready to bring us new songs. CD is now globaly distributed as download thru CDbaby.com 

17th March 2016

Didges to buy

Update for anyone interested in buying an original eucalyptus didge from Australia: You can still buy some eucalyptus didges from my personal collection. They are instruments which I used in various periods or they were about to be used... you know. In any ways they are instruments either from traditional native craftsmen or nowadays Australian craftsmen. I will be pleased to respond to your questions. Cheers to the drone!

8th January 2015

And again we are heading towards the light....
Thanks to all of you who came to celebrate the Solstice with us.

Unill the last moment I had more or less reckoned you won't have the time... How pleasant is to be wrong sometimes! next

29th August 2014

New album ONENESS is here!

A fifty minute long dive into the depthsof the giant gongs of Bear Love and the didgeridoos of Ondrej Smeykal. next

19th August 2014

Just two days remain until The Journey tour starts! For this year, Ondrej Smeykal and Bear Love are going to be accompanied by a special guest, an american Navaho Andrew Begay, a flute player and a craftsman. Certainly do not miss the new places we prepared but also the strong gong therapies and the workshop. You can find more info here
We are looking forward to see you.

7th July 2014

Individual gong sessions

The Journey tour is slowly approaching the Czech republic... Our extensive pilgrimage is going to have a few longer stops on a several places at which we are going to offer the individual gong sessions. next

24th March 2014

...back in Europe

In the memory, there seems like no difference between the original idea to go to Australia and the remembrance, that it already happened...like a colorful dream.... next

12th March 2014

Before the departure to Australia

Thanks to everyone who attended the Sunday's night dancing party. The venue was new to everyone. I liked it that much that after more than 3 hours playing set I decided to stay over night :) next