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Prague - Klub Vnímej své tělo

...depth dive into the sound of didgeridoo and gong...

17.5.2018 - 20.5.2018
Legendary 3 Day Didgeridoo Immersion Retreat 2018 - Pembrokeshire

WS Wales 2018
Staying at the beautiful Penquoit Centre, Pembrokeshire 
We will together go thru general database of our body, how we can benefit from body mechanisms to create our sound vocabulary, thru this we will go to rhythm database and composing.

Breathing in rhythm, trumpet sounds, vocalisations….

Lessons are designed though for any level, including total beginners and enthusiasts!!
Only condition is, with the amount of learning, there will not be time for me to teach circular breathing (but there will be opportunites to share and learn these circular breathing techniques from each other).

Bring papers for writing notes and comfortable clothes for longer practise..
All levels are welcome to enjoy rhythms, meditations, vocal practices, breathing exercises, and lot of other fun!!!! :)

I am very looking forward to spent time together!!!!!!"

Ondrej Smeykal

20.5.2018 - 30.5.2018
Alchemy of Love Tour 2018 - Rainbow Road

UK tour

Prague - Klub Vnímej své tělo

Meditative evening with Ondrej Smeykal and Didgeridoo

20.6.2018  ///  20.00
Prague - Punctum

Prague Psychodelic Festival

29.6.2018 - 30.6.2018
France - Nomadidge!

...new french amazing festival!!
Looking forward to perform...

3.8.2018 - 5.8.2018
Germany - Australienwochenende 2018

One of oldest european didge festival
Looking forward to teach and learn!

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