Betlémská kaple 2013

The release party of the new Singing Didgeridoo album, Prague 2013

Further load of photos from the unforgetable, sound filled evening in the Bethlehem chapel

Zjevování - Novoměstská radnice 2013

"Revealing" - live didgeridoo / live painting, Novomestska townhall 2013

An initial evening of the new project of Ondrej Smeykal and Patrik Habl called "Revealing". A magical eve filled with music and shapes, colours... a range of mingled universes, new dimensions... Fantasy was given a huge christmas present.
Photographers: Pavel Matoušek, Josef Málek

Křest Betlémská kaple

The release party of the new Singing Didgeridoo album, Prague 2013

A sold-out pre-Christmas concert with many special guests thrrough the lens of Jiri Heller's cam
Photographer: Jiří Heller

Nahrávání nové desky, studio Faust 2013

Recording of the fourth solo album in the Prague's studio Faust

Images from the recording of the new solo album of Ondrej Smeykal in the Faust studios in Prague. The album comes out in December 2013. 
Photographer: Zdeněk Zrůst

Jičín 2013

Didgeridoo Solo - Summer tour 2013, JIČÍN

Three amazing pictures from a place beautiful by its impefection. Waldstejn's lodge, live cultural spot in city of Jičín.
Photographer: Martin Vosáhlo

Výprava 2013 - Pacov

Vyprava 2013 - Pacov, September 2013

Photos from the rehearsals in Pacov castle's baroque chappel - a space with a unique accoustics and genius loci.
Photographer: Zdeněk Zrůst

Výprava 2013 - Bohumín

Vyprava 2013 - Bohumin, September 2013

Vyprava is not only an audio performance, as you can see from the photos taken during the concert in Bohumin's church, it is also a visual performance.
Photographer: Petr Piechowicz

Výprava 2013 - Lomeček

Vyprava 2013 - Lomecek, September 2013

Lomecek, a unique place in the western Bohemia where you are able to play "on the water". An evening gig took place within the first year of a land art festival "reMIND". 
Photographer: Zdeněk Zrůst

Výprava 2013 - Kladruby

Vyprava 2013 - Kladruby monastery, September 2013

The atmosphere captured before the concert in the Kladruby monastery which was also designed by such architects as Jan Blazej Santini or Kilian Ignac Dientzenhofer.
Photographer: Jiří Heller

Pacovský Poledník 2013

Vyprava 2013 - Pacovsky Polednik, August 2013

Ondrej Smeykal and Bear Love during the gig in a baroque chappel in Pacov.
Photographer: Jindřich Čermák

Gongova terapie Pacov 2013

Giant gong therapy, Pacov 2013

First photos from the Vyprava 2013 tour and its indivisible part - a therapy by giant golden gong by Bear Love
Photographer: Dan Čada

Workshop Lomecek 2013

Workshop LOMEČEK, August 2013

This workshop in Lomecek near Mrakov was devoted to all those players who wanted to develop their rhythm feeling. Drummer Pavel Planka was also lecturing. The two teachers performed a common concert on Saturday night, accompanied by VJ Ondrej Sevcik. 
Photograpeher: Zdeněk Zrůst


Pre-listening party in Final club, July 2013

A few friends and fans had the chance to hear the freshly finished album Black & Red in the art music club Final in Prague.
Photographer: Edita Hornová


Black & Red album final mixing, July 2013

Photos from the studio Faust Records in Prague, Czech republic
Photographer: Edita Hornová


Didgeridoo Solo - Summer tour 2013 - HARTMANICE

Photos takes in the synagogue in Hartmanice during one of the concerts of the Summer tour 2013
Photographer: Blanka Křikavová

Workshop KOKOŘÍNSKO 2013

Workshop at KOKOŘÍN, April 2013

Photos from the weekend workshop for beginners in Osinalice.
Photographer: Jiří Heller