Ondřej Smeykal's events

23.11.2018  ///  18.30 - 20.30
Bratislava - Festival Vnútorná Krajina
Prague - Klub Vnímej své tělo

...depth dive into the sound of didgeridoo and gong...

21.12.2018  ///  20.00
Betlémská Kaple, Betlémské Náměstí 255/4, Praha
Prague - Betlem Chapel

Betlémská 2018

…here is small, but warm invitation to my favorite concert place of this year ..
21. of December, at day of winter solstice, you are welcome to Betlem Chapel, at Prague.
This time, every year , I organize concert for all friends to celebrate and enjoy special time. Time when year is closing down its darkest season and new cycle of Earth is coming up, closer to spring and lighter days…

Every year I try to make some small surprice for audience. Unexpected guests, or some of my hand made prints as gift. This year, one of specials, will be exhibition of my new crystal glass didgeridoo, which will be then beneficially sold and money will be given to aboriginal family.

Concert place is really one of my favorite. It´s natural reverb and musicality, is very inspirational.
As well, history of place and Genius loci is something, which makes this evening for me and as well for audience concert place of year..

So, once again you are all very welcome to come together and listen…