2014 Calendar - Variation 1

A few lines for those of you who are interested in my calendar.

When studying AVU (Academy of Fine Arts in Prague) I have already got to like the technoogy of lithography. It is an old printinkg craft which combines precision with natural materials, and while preparing the printing die you almost become an alchemist...

The drawing or painting originates on a perfectly manually sanded flat stone, and according to the format size, these stones can reach the weight over 50 Kg!

This kind of a limestone has an amazing memory ability. On contact with greasy materials it remebers their tracks. Based on this memory and the pricipal of water repellency of greasy materials has emerged an ingeniously simple but accurate reproduction technique that gave artists a lot of a new "vocabulary". At random, Mr. Dali, Lautrec or Mucha would not create a number of their major works without knowing lithography.

In 2013, I drew the first calendar as a gift for a pre-Christmas meeting participants at Avion. This year I would have been sorry if I didnt't continue. I design the calendar always the way that you can cut out or unstick the drawing when the calendar expires and you can keep it as a single picture. This year's print I have printed in Petr Korbelar's workshop in two variations and number of 100 pieces.