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Dear Mr Smeykal,

I am Dorothea Popovic, an assistant director from Germany and right now shooting an international series. My boss and director saw you on the internet and would dearly like to talk to you and see if you would be willing to take part in our series.
It would be great if you could contact me +4917670161593

Dorothea Popovic 5.2.2019 09:05

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KelStiply 5.2.2019 07:51

Hi Ondrej,
is it possible to buy the CD Singing Didgeridoo II or is just the mp3 available?

Thank you for your music!
All the best,

Marko 3.2.2019 09:59

Hi Marko, unfortunately, this CD is already sold out. You can only buy mp3

Dobrý den pane Smeykale,
slyšela jsem vás na netu, paráda :o))
starám se o malý kostel v obci Kružberk v okr.Opava, pořádáme zde vždy v červnu koncerty, a otevíráme novou výstavu v Galerii na půdě.Jezdíte hrát i na moravu? Pokud ano tak za jakých podnínek?
Předběžně mam domluveného kluka co hraje na Hang,a kamarádka bubnuje.
Jsme nízkorospočtová organizace, tak uvidíme jesti vás u nás uslyšíme.
Přejí Vám, hodně hezkých chvil s vašimi jedinečnými nástroji.

Ludmila Ježová
Kružberk 98 (za kostelem)
tel. 725 920 968

Ludmila Ježová 26.1.2019 16:15


My name is Dan, i am a web guy for Mulgas Adventure Tours in Central Australia, We are a small, family owned and operated business, and so you can imagine our competitive situation here in Alice Springs with so many tour companies visiting Uluru. We differentiate our product by being affordable for backpackers, by having better food than other companies, by having a more desirable and relaxed schedule, and by making "fun" the theme of every tour experience. Our visitors take away life-long memories after joining our tours. To see more, we are rated #1 outdoor activity in Central Australia by Trip Advisor, please see

We are producing a short 30-60 second promotional video showcasing our 4-day tour which includes Uluru, Kata-Tjuta, Kings Canyon and more, to help us to promote our tours online. In short, we need a unique soundtrack. What is striking about your music is the relationship between the energy of some of your music, and the unique and reflective moments our visitors experience on tour. We are particularly interested in the track sample for "Protected by your love" which seems to build gradually, and one can easily imagine images from our tour when hearing that tune build. You achieve an almost surreal atmosphere with a blend of ancient/cultural and contemporary sounds, with a tempo that almost communicates with a landscape and seems to really respect everything we would see. The 4-day tour is very much one of personal or spiritual discovery as much as it is about appreciation of country and culture. To give you an impression of this, please view this passenger's video (obviously we are not able to use this commercially, but this passenger has given permission to use some of this footage)

If we could please have permission to use about 60 seconds of your song for online use, that would be a really great thing for our small business. I hope you might consider allowing us the permission. We would be able to offer a fee of course, I hope that it would be a satisfactory amount for you. We could also give a text credit with your web address at the end of the video if you would like that. I look forward to your response.

Kindest regards
Dan Satcliffe

Dan Satcliffe 26.1.2019 02:12

Ahoj Ondreji, na kdy plánujete návštěvu Plzně ?
Pilsner Urquell ;)

Eva 20.1.2019 20:50

Zdravím Evo, nejbližší Ondřejův koncert v Plzni bude 26.4. ve Štěstíčku na nám.Republiky. Bližší info se brzy objeví v akcích na web.stránkách. Blanka