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Čau Ondro,
Ostravaci chtějí vzkřísit L2 v komorním aranžmá, dnes (5.9.) mi kvůli tomu volali. Ozvi se stran toho, bo myslím, že do toho máš co mluvit.
Můj tel. je kdyžtak totok:
+420 739 523 809

Mario 5.9.2017 23:01

Ondrej. I so enjoyed meeting you at Indijinus in Oregon, USA and look forward to some interviews with you for my book writing project. Until then...blessings on you and your incredible work.


Joe Arnold 22.8.2017 21:09

Hello Ondřej, I ve just discovered you and I think you are incredible, the way you play didjeridoo is fantastic, I ve never heard something similar before. Do you teach somewhere? Workshops or similar...maybe in Italy? Can I find informations somewhere? .....thank you for your music!!

Valeria Fabris 29.7.2017 10:58

Hi Mister painter-musician ! I was so happy to see you again to the festival Le rêve de l Aborigène. Thank you very much for the musical journey of last night. I regret not having been able to tell it to you in live after the concert. Bravo and thank you in advance for the next Dreams... PS.: I use your music when I work (I make massages of relaxation) which happiness.
Thank you and I hope see you soon for other concerts

Christelle 22.7.2017 12:55

Hello I am Vincenzo we met today at Forlimpopoli workshop I ask you to send me the specifications to organize a workshop in Mantua province in November giving me two possible dates.
It was a great pleasure to meet you and have had the opportunity to deepen your philosophy I ve heard so many things already known but this time they have ringed in a different way Thank you

Vincenzo 15.7.2017 18:23

Hello Ondrej!

This is Gloria in Portland, Oregon! It has been a long time, too long! I hope you and your family are fantastic. We are looking forward to seeing you this summer. You have probably heard that Heathre left Chad and moved into Salem. It was difficult for her at first, but I saw her last night, and she is very happy. She is in a theater production there and is Martha in the play \ Who\ s Afraid of Virginia Wolff?\ The cast is only four and Heathre\ s performace was powerful. We were wondering if you might have a couple days or so to go to the beach house on the Long Beach Peninsula. If you have a time available and want to go, please let me know so I can contact Cliff and Julie to see if it is available.

We are eager to see you!

Hugs, Gloria

Gloria MacDonald 9.7.2017 22:07