New record featuring Ondrej Smeykal & Jaz Coleman - BLACK & RED

More than a decade has passed since Ondrej & Jaz began working together back in 2009 and now, finally, a product of this much anticipated collaboration has come to fruition in the form of a vinyl and download.

The project in its entirety is only just beginning to blossom but what we have now is a single ON THE DAY WHEN EARTH WENT MAD. The upcoming album will be a reflection of the current world situation. It is an urgent message. Its musical form is comprised of very simple musical instruments. Wooden clap sticks, voice, Indiam harmonium and Didgeridoo with added effects. In the hands or rather mouth of Ondrej Smeykal, the Didgeridoo takes on a percussive role or that of a seriously distorted electric guitar. The result of this world music/punk ensemble is a testament to this day and age. It is mixture of raw, punchy sounds ranging from ambient to dance & heavy metal.

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