Black & Red

„When I have been looking for some didgeridoo player for my new projekt,
I found one of the top ten didge players in Prague...“ Jaz Coleman.

„We met each other in my studio i Prague, somewhere around 2009.
I played him my uncoming remixes and then it was clear that we will be working together on something in future.
We both are quite busy so our project came to realization in 2013...
I have been long long time searching for unique voice, singer, frontman who is not afraid of powerful singing with only one musician behind his back instead of whole band....“ Ondřej Smeykal.

The record was creating in Prague Faust Records studio which became home studio for Killing Joke and Coleman´s projects.
Black and Red project is special music which is acute and straight. It is composed and recorded on electronic didgeridoo, clapsticks, Indian harmonium and finally completed with Jaz’s poetry and singing..
These ancient, simple instruments in its origin are talking to us through filter of modern electronic sound design. There is connection among language of primitive nations and post-punk, industrial and techno music.

„I finally found my own raw, electric, massive and rythmic way to play didgeridoo. It was all done even without guitar, synthesizers...and rock drums.“ ... Ondřej Smeykal

The record itself is only one part of future live performance of this experimental duo.
Black and Red is also the presentation of Coleman´s project about phenomen of electromagnetic Earth grid. This basic connection is important in communication among human, Earth and universe, it is present in urbanism or culture of all ancient civilisation.

Project is calling for simplification, directness, specification of opinions. It talks about present cultural/political situation..
Black and Red projekt is in stage to get ready for presentation...

Black and Red, Faust 2012
Black and Red, Faust 2012
Black and Red, Faust 2012
Black and Red, Faust 2012