Ondřej Smeykal puts his rich experiences with electrified didgeridoo to good use.
More then decade of electronic explorations and cooperation with many musicians from different genres helped him open new direction in his music.

„ I finally managed to create energic electric-didgeridoo program where my didgeridoo is not only some supplement but the main motor. I don´t refuse electronic influences, conversely I grew up on music full of synthesizers. So I was attracted by vision of electric didgeridoo because it is exact antipole of my long-standing acustic way of playing.“

In this new project you will not hear didgeridoo in its pure natural sound shape. Didgeridoo is used like a trigger and modifier of electronic sound devices, similary to midi keyboard. But don´t expect repeated layers or programmed samples.
„Layering or looping of artifical sounds in not the theme for me...
Circulating breath of didgeridoo player, his voice, dynamics and reaction with audience – all of this is still the basic creative element, which is like engine under this performance .“

Despite the fact that the sound is very electrified, basic energic animality did not disappear and moved its formal limits.This program is not just a labyrinth in the world full of sound efects. It opens new space for possibilities for didgeridoo player. Electrodidgeridoo became to be independent instrumental genre.

Pavel Plánka completed this project with his percussions and drums. He is skilled player with broad range of expression, his style includes ambient, atmospherical elements,Latino influence and energic drums which are on boundaries of rock and dance music.
Sound waves are greatly completed by live projections of various VJs...
This mixture of all artists brings spontaneous and cultured energy.