Pozvání na Sibiřské léto aneb Dědeček Oge...Invitation to Siberian summer: grandfather Oge

When Pavlína approached me to create music for audiobook about Siberian people from Tungusc, which is read by Jaroslav Dušek, I was pleased.....
I like audiobooks. On the other hand me as the Australian didgeridoo player was a little bit of doubting, if it is a good choice. Sometimes it is not right to compose music for specific instrument to follow story which is inspired by very different culture.
It was a challenge how to approach didgeridoo in “Siberian way” and not to emphasize its Australian origin but accent Siberian story. This kind of challenge can finally advance you and help you to find new expression...
Jaroslav Dušek offered another type of cooperation when recording f text and music is running in real time together. It is a method which is greatly enriching not only musical impuls but it is giving specific inspiration to the narrator. Of course there is a risk that everything will spoil but it didn´t happen to us...And so we managed to tell and to record this book almost at the first time. 9 hours!!!!
It was really fast with Jaroslav. We got in the story which started to unfold immediately. I was listening Jaroslav´s voice and then I was drawing the story through didgeridoo. Rivers, snow, animals, people, Taiga....
This story is monumental, hard and sad..... but wonderful.
Pavlína managed to capture the true way of live when man becomes a shaman with backfound of dissapearing culture. I can say that I experienced whole story with the main character during our recording.
The audiobook is coming to life now!
It is finally on sale, official presenation was on 23. 4. 2015.
At the same time I arranged live reading and playing with Pavlína.
In summer we will create together our live Siberian story on various places of our republic.
And you will be able to buy it of course. We are looking forward to it just now!