CD - RAINBOW ROUD - B. Love / O. Smeykal / A. Begay

Rainbow Road (the bridge to the heart of the world) is our second CD. This was recorded at the end of summer 2015, in Pacov's beautiful Baroque chapel.

Bear & Ondrej were joined by Native American Indian Andrew Begay of the Dine, and together shared mindful sound meditations and 1-1 sound healing, whilst playing the
Aboriginal didgeridoo, Native American flute, water drum & the Giant Golden Gong.

This CD reflects the spirit of one of those actual sound journeys; where, laying down comfortably with eyes closed, the journey within begins....

...for the greatest journey ever to be made does not involve traversing time and space and reaching far distant galaxies, but the mystic's journey, the inner journey of one's own consciousness, to the very heart of our Being, to know thySelf.
We are the Universe awakening, waking to the beauty of our eternal Self. Every day, we meet ourself in disguise.

We can learn the truth of oneness from the experience that giving and receiving are one, that we receive in consciousness all that we give another. And we can experience that Love's Presence, is always present, here and now. But Love's peaceful awareness is lost whenever we compare, whenever we judge any right doing, or wrong doing in this world. We lose ourSelf when we seek to be right but find ourSelf when we are being kind. So, we learn that when we are kind we are always right.

Rainbows represent Love's kind messengers (or, angels), they are ever present, though not always visible.
Love's messengers lead us to the heart of our mind, to the heart of the world, from darkness to light, from separation to oneness.

Join us, as we journey happily together along the rainbow road between worlds, beyond the touch of time, as we merge together in union with Love's immortal Presence.
Go within, go within, the spark of eternity shines within, vibrating through the great projection of time and space, rippling like a pebble in water, reaching back to Source, beyond all form and matter itself, the state of being where nothing
matters at all, but where everything simply Is....
One Love, One Self, forever Love...

Recorded in Pacov, Baroque chapel, 2015

Rainbow Road