Výprava 2020 / The Journey 2020

From the second half of August and during September 2020 you can set out for our expedition. British gong player B Love and Czech didgeridoo player Ondřej Smeykal founders of project, are preparing another season of musical journey down the Czech Republic. This expedition is brilliantly connecting cultural landscape and historical architecture with acoustic music and meditation. The unique collection of giant gongs (2,2 m across) and Australian didgeridoo will sound more than 15 special places in Czech Republic (e.g. Kladruby monastery,Plasy monastery, Kratochvíle renaissance Villa, Pacov baroque chapel).

Conception of this expedition interconnects instrumental elements of archaic cultures, it invites you to the heart of sound which tells to your whole body ancient stories about us. The Expedition can not be named as a concert. It invites you into elemental musical river. Natural elements, Wood, Metal, water...are offering us through sound of oldest instruments revival of our early experiences. And performance is event not only for our ears. Frequencies of instruments resonate, put the player, listener and space together. This wonderfull meeting become to experience of oneness.

B Love is specialist for sound experiments with giant gongs, which can have up to 2 m in diameter. He lives and works in London but he performs all over whole Europe. Except of music he is concerned with collecting of Australian art and ancient instruments such as gongs, didgeridoos, flutes...etc..

Ondřej Smeykal, living in Prague, has been evolved didgeridoo playing - the traditional Australian musical instrument. His original focus is on fine art but he mainly plays on concerts, professes and teaches. He belongs among world innovators and initiators of play on one of the oldest musical instrument.